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Group training for puppies ages 12 weeks to 11 months

$180   1 Hour once a week for 6 weeks

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6 week revolving enrollment course


In Puppy Kindergarten your puppy will be introduced to different stimuli, people, other puppies and so much more. We are committed to helping new puppy owners set off on the right paw by preventing problem behaviors before they start. This class is a well thought out and carefully conducted development and enrichment program, designed to help your pup develop into a confident pet. We use safe and effective socialization protocols to help ensure that your puppy becomes well-adjusted to our busy human lives. You will be taught how to positively handle your puppy through a series of activities.


WEEK 1: Sit, down and structured play

WEEK 2: Confidence with grooming and exams

WEEK 3: Stay and Come

WEEK 4: Leash manners

WEEK 5: Building bravery

WEEK 6: Socialization


You will work your puppy on and off leash when applicable. This is important in establishing a reliable working relationship. As a reward, puppies will be allowed short recess time to learn how to properly play and socialize with one another while also learning to listen when distracted.


What to bring to class?


- 2 types of highly valued food rewards. Be sure they’re soft, pea sized treats. Avoid dry crumbly treats.

- Something to carry treats in such as a treat bag, waist apron or be sure to wear clothing with pockets (its best to find something that clips to your waist for easy access).

- 6 ft. leash and a martingale, regular buckle collar or harness (retractable leashes, choke chains and shock collars are not permitted).

- If using a training aid please bring that as well (e.g. no pull harness, prong collar or head halter)

- Travel size bed, rug or mat.

- Water bowl for keeping your pup hydrated and comfortable.

- A hungry puppy

- Close toed shoes for safety (Not optional).

- A clicker (optional).

- A mentally stimulating toy such as a Kong stuffed with food or sterilized chew.

- A non-squeaky plush toy.


What is revolving enrollment?

This type of course cycle means that you're able to start the same week you decide to enroll (space in class permitting).


Example: If you enroll when the class is on week 4 out of a 6 week cycle, then you would end your course on week 3 by following a full rotation. 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 = 6 weeks total


The course doesn't rely on a previous weeks lesson so we're able to offer same week enrollment start dates and up to two makeup dates on the following next cycle for the weeks you missed (space in class permitting).

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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