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"Where the training is always fun and the grooming is about the quality not quantity. We are always striving to raise the bar."

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We're often preoccupied with our furry clients, making it challenging to answer your phone call when you're trying to book an appointment. But no need to worry! You can create your own online account, update your records and photos, and book or cancel your appointments at your convenience. How convenient is that?! However, if you're not the tech-savvy type, we're happy to assist you the old-fashioned way. Simply leave us a voicemail, send us a text, or email your inquiry, and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.


We are proud to offer our grooming clients high end professional salon products that are made with only natural, biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients with no unnecessary additives or thickeners. Did I mention they smell amazing! We also provide our full groom clients with adorable seasonal accessories to wear home.

Every dog is guaranteed to be treated like they're our own. We promote quality over quantity to assure your dog has the best possible experience every time. Grooms are by appointment only and scheduled at a specific time in order to minimize the time your dog spends away from home. However, if you're a pet parent that enjoys some time off and would like your dog to stay and play during their spa day, we got that covered too. Half and full day "Stay & Play" is available at an additional fee. 


Dog owners often struggle to find experienced professionals they can fully trust. Grooming dogs can be a challenging task, as not all dogs are well-behaved and cooperative. Some may be fearful, restless, or even aggressive. Handling such situations requires skill, patience, and kindness. At All Access Dogs we hold high ethical standards and staff is always well trained and equipped to handle such challenges. We provide staff with the opportunity to attend yearly seminars to improve not only their skills but certifications in safety, handling and more. 

For puppies getting accustomed to grooming for the first time or for the adult dog who maybe had a bad experience and fears grooming, we got that covered too. Just ask us about our exclusive program "Training for Grooming." 


Angela Efinger is the owner of All Access Dogs. She is not only a certified groomer but has also spent over a decade working as a dual certified professional dog trainer. Her skill sets are top notch! With experience in both grooming and training, Angela is able to help most dogs over come their fear, or at least tolerate grooming, if not enjoy it. Some dogs even learn to cooperate in their own care by lifting a paw for the groomer to clip nails, stand still when asked, turn around on cue, voluntarily jumping into the tub or onto the table. Making for a more safe and enjoyable experience for both dog and groomer. 

We provide Group Dog Training Classes that you can explore by visiting the services tab on our website. Our classes are diverse and constantly expanding, catering to various types and levels. Our primary focus is to teach you as the handler how to understand and train your dog for any situation, be it basic manners at home, in public, or for competition.




Barn Hunt Classes Coming Soon!

Currently we are awaiting the arrival of 

flooring and then straw. Once these last

items are delivered and installed we can

begin offering group classes!


Agility Classes

Will be on hold until the field is finished with its remodel

Read about the highly anticipated changes coming soon!

Owner, groomer and trainer at All Access Dogs

Angela Efinger


I'm a certified professional groomer, dog trainer and Pet CPR certified. I have worked in many areas revolving around pet care since 2004 including vet tech, trainer, bather, kennel manager, breeder and daycare attendant. I own purebred border collies and enjoy showing them in conformation shows as well as performance events. My family and I moved to South Carolina from Florida in 2020. Here I was able to set roots and open a business that I'm passionate about. I look forward to utilizing my skills and working with you and your furry companion!                          - Owner & Founder

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EmmaLee Fort

EmmaLee was born and raised in Charleston, SC but moved to the upstate in 2023. She has always had a love of animals since childhood. Growing up she took classes and volunteered at local animal shelters. Later she worked at a pet shop on Daniel Island and also worked as a dog sitter and dog walker. Since May of 2023 she's been training under Angela Efinger and assisting with group classes. She's also begun trialing in sporting events like agility, FastCAT, and dock diving. We look forward to seeing EmmaLee grow and expand her knowledge in all areas of training and dog sports. She will soon be running some of our intro classes. 

                               - Dog Trainer & Assistant (Intern)

Accommodations and Amenities

We always say actions speak louder than words. We don't just claim to raise the bar, we actually do it. We put together a quick list of features, accommodations, tools and amenities that we provide in order to assure all of our furry guests are well cared for and pampered. 

  • Good behavior reinforced with house provided treats and praise.

  • Licky Mats smeared with either peanut butter or yogurt for an even more enjoyable experience in the spa tub or on the grooming table.

  • Intermission break - purchase this add on that allows us to provide your dog with a 15 minute break between grooming to give them a chance to unwind, stretch their legs, go for a short walk, relax and enjoy a treat stuffed Kong.

  • No heat cage drying.

  • FREE grooming lesson - we encourage our clients to maintain their dogs coat between grooming appointments and we're happy to show you how at no additional charge. 

  • Electric raised table and tub for safety, seniors and large dogs (safer than ramps).

  • Special equipment to aid in the comfort and safety of your pet:

    • Sling - aid seniors with standing.

    • Groomer wall - provides extra stability and assurance for dogs with special needs while on the grooming table.

    • Harness lift - no more wrestling matches for nail trims. A safe, less stressful way to do nails on fearful or aggressive dogs.

    • Happy Hoodie -  ear protection from noisy air dryers.

    • Trachea saver harness for breeds with brachycephalic issues.

    • Antifatigue mat for the tub and table.

  • Audio & Video surveillance for peace of mind.

  • Special needs - able to work with most special needs cases.

  • No doodle discrimination - we don't charge extra for being a doodle.

  • Stay & Play - option for friendly sociable pets (temperament testing required if you wish for dogs to play).

  • Pick your own fashion accessory with the purchase of a full groom. 

  • Pick your cologne - choose which fragrance you want for your dog.

  • Large variety of shampoo & conditioners. They're gentle, smell amazing and come in a variety of formulas to fit your dogs skin and coat type. Nothing but the best here!

  • Walk-ins available for nail trims and teeth cleaning.

  • Grooming and baths by appointment only

  • Sanitation stations - we take cleanliness seriously and sanitize all equipment and tools between each client using safe yet affective cleaning agents. 

  • Retail - same professional products we use are for sale. In addition, we sell a variety of unique items and every dogs favorite toys, treats and chews. 

  • Waste bags provided in the designated outdoor potty area for your convenience.




Monday:        CLOSED

Tuesday:        7:30am - 3:00pm

Wednesday: 7:30am - 3:00pm

Thursday:      7:30am - 3:00pm

Friday:            7:30am - 3:00pm

Saturday:      9:00am - 1:00pm

(Select Saturdays, text for walk in service)

Sunday:         CLOSED

Hours subject to change

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