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  • How long will my dogs grooming appointment take?
    Our grooming services (Basic Bath, Royal Bath and Full Groom) are by appointment only. Meaning you schedule your drop off time. We start as soon as your pet arrives and as soon as we finish you will get a call. On average Basic Baths range from 30-minutes to 1-hour, Royals are 45-minutes to 2-hours, Full grooms are 1.5-hours to 2 or 3 + hours. All depends on what your dog is having done that day and the size of the animal. The bigger the dog and the longer the coat, the longer it takes to complete from start to finish.
  • Will my dog be in a cage?
    We rarely use our cages. Because our services are by appointment only they're usually able to stay out with us while waiting for you to pick up. The following reasons are when we may place your dog in a cage. - After a bath to dry if they're uncomfortable with a force dryer - Can't be trusted not to urinate and mark around the room. - Are so small that they can fit through our picket fenced gate and we know someone other than the owner is about to walk-in. - Dog has severe anxiety and prefers a small quiet space to relax. - For safety when an appointment overlaps one another and when one of, or both of the dogs are not pet friendly.
  • Do you require proof of vaccination?
    Yes, we ask that you provide proof of Rabies vaccination. This can be either a printed copy or show us your digital file on your phone. You can even upload the document to your customer portal if thats easier. Another way is to text or email me a copy. Which ever method is easiest and most convient for you. Please make sure the rabies certification documentation shows your name, pets name, date vaccine was administered, date of expiration and the veterinarian's office where the vaccine was given.
  • What are your prices?
    To view pricing: We ask everyone to please click "BOOK ONLINE" on our website. From there you will be directed to create a customer profile. Login to your customer portal and have a look around. Begin creating an appointment. Once you've clicked either Basic Bath, Royal Bath, or Full Groom, you will be able to see availability and a price chart showing an average range for your dog's size. To see pricing for a la carte items just add it under additional services and the price will be next to the service. We have very few additional add-on services since our Full Groom and Royal Bath services are all-inclusive. Dogs who are matted all over and require a shave down will be charged the appropriate Full Groom base rate PLUS the additional prorated fee of $80/hr for the extra time allotted for the shave down process. Shaving down a matted coat is easier said then done. Special care must be taken to assure your pet does not get hurt in the process. A fully matted or pelted coat is difficult for even professional quality blades to cut through. The matted hair is usually tight to the skin and can pull and cause discomfort. It can be a painstakingly slow process and care must be taken to change blades often to prevent burning of the dogs skin. Because mats typically tighten when wet, we often have to do this process before the bath which dulls our blades when used on a dirty coat; requiring extra sharpening and maintenance expenses on our part.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    AS OF 4/16/24 WE NO LONGER ACCEPT NEW CLIENTS FOR GROOMING. THIS WILL CHANGE WHEN WE HIRE A NEW GROOMER TO MEET THE DEMAND OF OUR AREA. WE APOLOGISE FOR THE INCONVIENCE. WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS FOR TRAINING. We ask everyone to please click "BOOK ONLINE" on our website. From there you will be directed to create a customer profile. Login to your customer portal and have a look around. From here you can create an appointment which will allow you to see availability and a price chart. If needed you can cancel your appointment, upload photos, documents and so much more. If you have difficulty with our online appointment setting or are not good with a computer and would prefer to do this over the phone, please call or text us at (864) 533-1964. We will be happy to assist you as soon as we are available.
  • My dog can be difficult, what should I expect knowing this?"
    By definition a difficult dog is one that exhibits behaviors that prolong the time of groom. This can be a variety of reasons. From severe anxiety where the dog wont sit still, biting which requires tools and techniques to keep both groomer and dog safe, puppy who's overly excited and can't stay still or may try to mouth at the sharp grooming equipment, flailing, fear of the dryer, urinates, deficates or anal glands on its self requiring an additional bath, refusal to stand in the tub or on the table, etc. Grooming is a dirty and difficult job at times but we have tools to help keep both animals and groomers safe. However, due to our groom shop typically having only one person in the shop at one time. We have to consider the level of aggression due to safety. If your dog is over 20 lbs. and has a history or tendency to be outwardly aggressive we ask that you please seek out self service dog washes, a veterinarian or find another groomer who is willing and able to handle your dog.
  • Will my dog get fully groomed during its Training for Grooming sessions?
    Yes, you can expect your dog to be fully groomed every 2nd or 3rd visit depending on the length of program you have chosen.
  • Do you sell retail?
    Yes! We sell the same professional quality shampoo and conditioners that we use for our grooms. We also sell a variety of healthy all natural, one ingredient treats and chews. In addition, we have bows, bow ties, bandanas, carnation collars, toys, training gear, brushes, grooming supplies, puzzle toys and more. Everything on our shelves are items Angela personally uses her self. Nothing but the best are sold here.
  • What is an ultrasonic teeth cleaning treatment?
    Using the power of ultrasonic technology we are able to take brushing your dogs teeth to a whole new level. No anesthesia required. Our ultrasonic tooth brush paired with a specially developed tooth cleaning gel produces microscopically small bubbles that penetrate even the smallest crevices and support antibacterial cleaning. It helps to kills germs and bacteria on the tooths surface, inside gum pockets, interdental spaces, deep in fissures and around the gum line. This also aids in reducing and preventing unpleasant mouth odor and gum inflammation. In addition to the ultrasound, your dog will recieve a tooth brushing and oral rinse. * This treatment is a great routine to prevent tarter build up but please keep in mind that nothing compares to a full dental procedure done by your veterinarian. This is not a substitue for a full dental treatment.
  • Where exactly are you located?
    We are located in Boiling Springs South Carolina, USA. The closest major intersection is Hanging Rock Rd and Old Furnace Rd. Our property is on the opposite side from our mailbox, and on the same side as our business sign. You will turn down a very long driveway which is lined by a row of pine trees on the left. We live on 8.5 acres. Drive all the way to the garage. Park anywhere you like. The entrance is clearly labeled and is attached to the main house. You will see an awning over the doors entrance to the groom shop. If for some reason we are not open during our typical business hours there will be a sign on the door. Otherwise please come on in during business hours. Hours are posted outside the door.
  • Do I have to wear a mask when I arrive?
    No, our family is fully vaccinated and we carry antibodies for the virus. We keep our shop extremely clean and offer hand sanitizer to those who may want it. We ask that if you do have a cough or suspect you may have covid or the flu to please cancel your appointment and schedule for a later date. We will not fault you or charge a no show fee if you have a positive covid test, but please always let us know if you can't make it due to illness. Our cleaning agents used in the shop are proven to kill the covid virus.
  • How can I get a FREE Shampoo upgrade and/or intermission break?
    Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or google and share a photo of your dog after its groom. Give us an honest review then tell us about it the next time you visit and choose between a shampoo upgrade or intermission break for your furry companion. Thank you for supporting our small business.
  • "I have reservations with your shop being at your home, can you tell me more?"
    Absolutely! Our family moved here Summer of 2020 and renovated a part of our home so that I could work from home. I'm a work from home mom who found a way to make a living during these hard times Covid had brought upon us. The grooming shop is completely separated from our main living areas and when you walk in it feels just like a normal commercial set up. Complete with reception area, retail, grooming station, caged area, bathing room and even an indoor fenced in play area for the dogs. I am a certified pet groomer and dual certified dog trainer. I also hold a certification for Pet CPR and work as an AKC CGC Evaluator. Be sure to check out our Business Facility Gallery located at the top of our home page. We also have a grooming portfolio to check out too.
  • Where should I let my dog go potty on your property?
    Thank you for being so considerate! We ask that you please keep your dog on leash at all times and the potty area for them to relieve themselves is located right next to the shop entrance. There are poop bags and a small trashcan for waste. Please pick up after your dog. We kindly ask that you refrain from allowing your dog to run off leash, keep your children with you at all times, do not allow your dog to walk around or potty in our front yard and please do not walk around the premises or attempt to use our training equipment in the field. This is our personal home and we appreciate our privacy. Thank you!
  • When are Barn Hunt classes going to start?
    As soon as we can finish the building and order the hay. Please create a profile so you can receive updates via email newsletters or follow us on Facebook to see when we are ready to launch.
  • "Your property is beautiful, can we rent the space to let our dogs run?"
    Yes, you can book a time and day through our customer portal by clicking book online. You can rent the 8.5 acres for an hour to allow your dog to enjoy the agility equipment and play on our property as you please. There is a fee per pet that attends. This is by appointment only and certain rules and etiquette apply. Contact us for more information.
  • Do you breed dogs?
    Yes, one to two times a year we may have a litter of purebred border collie puppies. We breed showline dogs that excel in performance venues as well as conformation showing. We're very selective about or dogs homes and prefer active families as these dog's thrive on activity and mental stimulation on a regular basis. If you would like to learn more about this breed and think a Border Collie may be a good fit for your family and lifestyle please contact us directly through our kennel website at Top Notch Border Collies.
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