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About Us

All Access Dogs is family owned and operated. Founder, Angela Efinger, has made her life about dogs. It began in primary school when she began training the family dog in obedience with local AKC and 4H clubs. Growing up she worked various jobs including veterinarian technician, kennel manager, dog day care attendant and as the head dog trainer for a chain of pet resorts, just to name a few. Along the way she fell in love with the Border Collie breed. After much research and dedication she's become a well known and respected responsible breeder under the kennel name Top Notch Border Collies. She competes with her dogs in many different performance events including agility, obedience, rally, lure coursing, conformation, tricks, frisbee and more. The versatile nature of the breed meshes perfectly with Angela's ever growing interest in new sports.


Working for several animal related businesses since 2004, Angela saw where their was room for improvement in both the care and training of dogs. Originally from Florida, she decided to make the move to South Carolina. She and her family fell in love with the area after taking a road trip to explore their options. The move would allow for year round training of canine sports outdoors and the chance to pursue her ultimate dream of owning her own business where she could deliver the highest quality of care and education to her clients. With the support of her family and friends her dream became a reality in the summer of 2021.

Never one to settle for mediocre, Angela has grown the business from a simple sole proprietor trainer performing private in home training to a thriving at home business offering a variety of valuable services and amenities. In addition, she makes time to educate the community and its youth through events and seminars while also helping local shelters in her spare time.


All Access Dogs™ welcomes walk-in tours anytime during business hours, no appointment needed. So come on in and see what we are all about!

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