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Group dog training for all ages. Basic Obedience course as a pre-requisite. Call, text, or email us to inquire if this class is right for you and your dog. 

$200   1 Hour once a week for 6 weeks

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6-week course


Advanced obedience is a group class course that meets at the same designated day and time each week for 6 weeks.

This is an advanced class and a continuation of our Basic Obedience course. This class is suitable for all ages, from puppies to adult dogs. You will expand on a variety of the most commonly sought-after skills desired for both a well-mannered pet and/or a soon-to-be competitive canine partner. We will add duration, distractions, and begin the proofing of all skills. This is the second of two levels of Obedience. 

Here is a generalized breakdown of the skills taught for each week in the course. 


WEEK 1: Advanced handling and training skills, sit, down stand comprehension games. 

WEEK 2: Heeling intro, Recall with distractions, leave-it, hide and seek games. 

WEEK 3: Heeling direction changes, Long sit and down Stays with distractions.

WEEK 4: Heeling maneuvers and games, front sit, focus games. 

WEEK 5: Heeling games continued, retrieval, tug and crate games.

WEEK 6: Heeling around the property games, friendly competition utilizing skills learned. 

What to bring to class?


- 2 types of highly valued food rewards. Be sure they’re soft, pea sized treats. Avoid dry crumbly treats. (e.g. String cheese, lunch meat, turkey jerky, chicken breast, etc.)

- Something to carry treats in such as a treat bag, waist apron or be sure to wear clothing with pockets (its best to find something that clips to your waist for easy access).

- 6 ft. leash and a martingale or regular buckle collar (retractable leashes, harnesses, head halters, choke chains and shock collars are not permitted).

- If using a training aid please bring that as well (e.g. prong collar, leash tab, double lead, etc.)

- Water bowl for keeping your dog hydrated and comfortable.

- A hungry dog

- Close toed shoes for safety (Not optional).

- A clicker (optional).

- A non-squeaky toy or tug.


The course relies on the previous weeks lesson so please make sure to attend class so as not to fall behind. Private sessions may be arranged at an additional cost for individuals who missed a class. However, these must be scheduled before your next scheduled class in order to be beneficial and not fall behind. 

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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