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Annual event to prepare for an AKC agility trial.

$38   4 runs per dog

Limited to 28 dogs per event


Prerequisite: The dog must be experienced on all equipment and have some experience running full courses. 

Eligibility: All breeds and ages. Friendly non-aggressive dogs only.  

Date: Check the event tab for dates.

Time: Events will run from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (check in no earlier than 8:00 am)

Parking: Is in the grass along the row of pine trees. It will be clearly marked.

Location: All Access Dogs, 1460 Hanging Rock Rd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Fee: $38 per dog,

Event Schedule: Check in no earlier than 8:00 am. Course walking at 8:50 am, First dog on the line at 9:00 am sharp. Nested standard course (runs 1 & 2) will be run first. After a course change and short break, a nested jumpers, or FAST course (runs 3 & 4) will be run.  

Entry limit: Each event is limited to 28 dogs only. Pre-registration is required but we welcome day of entry, space permitting. 


An Agility Fun Run event is intended for fun and to experience a trial-like atmosphere. Instructors will be available to act as a judge, but no scoring or prizes will be offered. This event is open to all dogs more than one year of age. Dogs must be able to do all equipment safely and be off-leash within the fenced ring area. Toys, hand-delivered treats and lavish praise are encouraged in the ring. Ring size is approximately 100' x 120' outdoors on grass and fully fenced. All equipment meets AKC regulations, tire is breakaway, long jump is made of foam, and contacts are rubberized for safety. There will be a kiddy pool for dogs to cool off on hot days. There is one bathroom on site in the grooming shop. Please be respectful of the owners property at all times. Property is under surveillance. 

How to enter: Full details on pre-entry TBD.  Pre-registration is required to assure your spot. Day of entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until event limit of 28 dogs is reached. Day of registration is between 8:00 - 8:40 am. Please be registered and checked in before the course walk begins at 8:50 am. The event will run until finished. During registration make sure to provide your dogs call name, breed, DOB, jump height and level (Novice, Open, Excellent/Master or premier). 

Additional dogs: Handlers are allowed multiple dogs but each must have it's own separate entry and fee. There are no discounts for additional dogs and no sharing runs between dogs.

Volunteering: Agility Fun Run participants are encouraged to volunteer for various agility trial jobs (i.e. gate stewards, pole setters, leash runners, course building, timing, etc.). We will mentor you in how to perform these jobs if you are new to the sport. Now is a great time to learn, since agility trials can only be run with volunteer help and it is expected that you volunteer for some portion of any trials you attend. Our goal is to help you learn in a stress-free environment, so you can help out with confidence at a real agility trial one day.


Volunteers will be provided a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize at the end of the day. Must be present to win. 

Breaktime: There will be a 30 to 40-minute break for lunch between course builds.

Jump Height and Run Order: We will post on site either a QR code for a digital copy of the course maps or a printed copy of the map which you can take a photo of. Running order will be done by jump height. All courses are run Small to tall. Running order will be written on a white board by ringside. Please make sure to check in with the volunteer ring steward before 8:50am!

General Rules: Dogs Participating must be at least twelve months of age and healthy on event day and should be current on all vaccinations required by law.


Please plan to crate in your car or bring your own crate to set-up next to your car but please do not set up along the ring fence. You will need to provide your own shade, crate and chair. All canopy's must be properly secured to avoid damage caused by wind.


Dogs will not be permitted to roam and must be crated when not running or remain on leash at all times. Participants are responsible for the behavior of their dogs. The owner of each dog is solely responsible for having their dog ready when it's time to enter the ring. Please do not use flexi-leashes for walking dogs on event grounds. 

Pick up after your dog! Anyone found to not pick up after their dogs will be excused from the grounds and not be welcomed back. There are bags and areas to dispose of waste in multiple areas. Property has surveillance so let this be the one and only warning needed. Lets keep our property clean and welcoming for all to enjoy. 

Payment can be made either online, or in person. Credit, debit and cash accepted. Sorry no checks accepted. 

The small fenced 70' x 70' training yard is free for registered attendees to use between runs to practice when not in active use for an AKC ACT Test. Please abide by the posted sign detailing the rules of use and sharing of this space and its equipment. DO NOT USE THIS AREA AS A PLACE TO POTTY YOUR DOGS! Dogs should be discouraged from peeing or defecating in this area. If they do, remove them immediately and clean up after them. 

Any dog that pees or deficates in the trial ring will be asked to immediately leave and the remainder of that run will be forfeited. Its the owners responsibility to clean up after their pet. Cleaning products will be provided.

Waitlist: If this event is sold out, please contact Angela at with subject "Agility Fun Run Waitlist Request" in order to be put on the wait list. 

Refund Policy: To request a refund, please email

Requests for cancellations must be received via email at least 1 week prior to the event for a refund. All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 1 week prior to the event, or for no-shows or excused dogs.

Bitches in season: Bitches in heat are welcome so long as they wear panties and are crated when not actively running. A sign must be displayed on the crate stating there is a bitch in heat. They will be wiped prior to running and their start will begin on a designated mat. Potty breaks will be done in a designated area away from all other dogs. Please be respectful to other competitors at all times and take care to keep your bitch in season separated. 

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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