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We offer a large selection of additional custom grooming options.

Prices vary 

We offer WALK-IN services during regular business hours (excluding holidays and week prior) for:

- Nail trimming with dremel

- Teeth cleaning using ultrasound technology


Additional à la carte services for our salon guests are:

- Ear cleaning

- Anal gland expression

- Light De-matting (heavy matting requires a shave down)

- De-shedding treatment

- Paw pad trim

- Paw conditioner

- Cranberry facial

- Hand stripping & Carding

- Tear stain removal

- Stay n' Play

- Nail caps

- Fashion accessories (Jewels, bows, ties, bandannas or feathers)

- Flea and Tick bath using all natural ingredients and no hash chemicals

- Shampoo & conditioner upgrade (Medicated, seasonal scents, whitening or deodorizing)

- Skunk odor removal

- Intermission break (purchase this add on that allows us to provide your dog with a 15 minute break between grooming to give them a chance to unwind, stretch their legs, go for a short walk, relax and enjoy a treat stuffed Kong.)

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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