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Barn Hunt On-Course

A class for running barn hunt courses. Second of two class levels.

$185   1 Hour once a week for 6 weeks


$35 I Drop-in rate


Eligibility: All breeds and ages. 


What is Barn Hunt On-Course?


Barn Hunt On-Course is where we put together full barn hunt courses. We keep each lesson unique with a new course configuration each week. Complete with tunnels to suit all levels, climbs, and plenty of rats in tubes. This course is designed to be ongoing for training and allows for drop in attendance with at least 24 hours notice to assure there's room in class. All students are required to work a job during class to keep things running smoothly. Please read the rat wrangling pdf from Barn Hunt Association prior to taking this class. Safety of our rats is of high importance. 


What are the benefits to this Barn Hunt On-Course class?


Barn Hunt On-Course will prepare you for trails. This sport is extremely fun and mentally stimulating for the dog. They always go home tired. Even if you do not wish to compete you will have a lot of fun with your dog in this class. We encourage everyone to give this sport a try. 

What to bring to class?


  • A crate to rest your dog between turns. You can crate from your car or along the ring.

  • 2 different types of food rewards. Be sure they’re soft, pea sized treats. Avoid dry crumbly treats.

  • Something to carry treats in such as a treat bag, waist apron or be sure to wear clothing with pockets. 

  • 6 ft. leash attached to a martingale, regular buckle or belt style collars ONLY (retractable leashes, harnesses, prong collar, head halter and choke chains are not permitted).

  • 6 ft. slip lead for use when dog is reliable off leash.

  • Water & a water bowl for keeping your dog hydrated and comfortable.

  • Mask if you are sensitive to hay.

  • Close toed shoes for safety (Not optional).

  • A clicker (optional).

  • A non-squeaky toy to play with your dog (e.g. fleece tug toy, ball tug or Frisbee) (Not optional).

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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