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Royal bath, custom cut & style, cologne, and comes with choice accessory.


Starting at $70

Each full-service groom includes a bath using shampoo and conditioner, nail trim (dremel on request), blow dry, brush out, de-shed if needed, ear cleaning, your choice of cologne, a fashionable accessory (bow, tie, flower, or feathers, etc.), and a custom-styled full body clip to leave your pet looking fabulous, smelling great and feeling happy! 

Please note that we do not shave some coat types like those with double coats like a Border Collie, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Huskey Pomeranian, Chow, etc. We also do not shave short-coated dogs like that of Labradors, Beagles, Pugs, etc. To do so may lead to improper or discolored hair regrowth, dry skin and coat, skin irritation, difficulty regulating body temperature, and more. Contrary to popular belief it does not make them shed less. 


Not all coat types require a full groom all over body clip. To inquire more please text us with questions. We offer other services for these coat types such as a royal bath and basic bath.


* Additional charges may apply due to uncooperative or aggressive behavior and based on the severity of the coat condition which may prolong the time of service or require additional products. Matts are subject to removal for the overall safety and health of the animal, with no exceptions. All matted dogs requiring a shave down will be required to fill out a release form before service.

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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