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Group dog agility class. Third of three levels. 

$185   1 Hour once a week for 6 weeks


$35Drop-in rate

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Prerequisite: Foundation and beginner Agility courses

Eligibility: All breeds and ages. Friendly non-reactive dogs only.  


What is On-Course Agility?


On-Course Agility is the next class after Beginner Agility. Foundation and Beginner Agility are prerequisites and must be taken before enrollment in this On-course Agility class. 

In our On-Course Agility class you will begin running full courses. Each week will showcase either an AKC T2B, JWW, Standard, or FAST course. Each course will come with its own set of challenges to help hone skills needed to be successful. Courses will be set with 12 weave poles making it suitable for Open to Master levels. Students should be entering this class with the ability to do all 12 weave poles and other obstacles without much difficulty in order to keep up with the other students. We recommend ring rentals to hone your skills or to continue in Beginner Agility until you're ready

Drop-in rates are available to those who can't fully commit to a 6 week course but don't want to miss out on the occasional chance to train. Please note that "Drop-in" is subject to availability. Priority is given to those enrolled in the full 6 week course. You must text your instructor at least 24 hours prior to class to verify if there's room for you in class or not. If you for some reason don't get a response please do not just show up. You must first have authorization to do so. 


What to bring to class?


  • 2 different types of food rewards. Be sure they’re soft, pea sized treats. Avoid dry crumbly treats.

  • Something to carry treats in such as a treat bag, waist apron or be sure to wear clothing with pockets. 

  • 6 ft. slip lead. Dogs will be running naked in class (no collars).

  • Water & a water bowl for keeping your dog hydrated and comfortable.

  • Target disc (e.g. tub aware lid, coaster or a jar lid are great options)

  • Close toed shoes for safety (Not optional).

  • A clicker (optional).

  • A non-squeaky toy to play with your dog (e.g. fleece tug toy, ball tug or Frisbee) (Not optional).

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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