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Socialize your pet for up to 4 hours in addition to groom training sessions.


4 Hours   Call, text, or email for more details 

Have you recently added a new addition to the family? Whether this new addition is a puppy or adult dog, chances are at some point in their lives they will require the help of a professional for services such as grooming or vet care. Imagine having a dog that isn't fearful or needing a muzzle every time you needed to have these services done. A dog who is happy and cooperative, or at least not fearful, for basic care procedures like exams, grooming, nail trims, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and administering medications to the eyes, ears, skin, nose, etc.


Our Training for Grooming program is great for puppies as young as 12 weeks of age but can also be beneficial for adult dogs who currently don't enjoy trips to the groomer or vet and find it stressful.

This program is not intended for dogs with severe aggressive behavioral issues. This is for fearful or insecure dogs who are not yet accustom to or comfortable fully with grooming. Dogs with aggressive issues will need to be referred elsewhere.


The goal with this program is to help your puppy or adult dog enjoy their time at the groomer rather than fear it. Our specialized training involves creating positive associations, desensitization protocols, basic manners training and structured socialization. In addition we will educate you on how to maintain your dogs coat between grooms and how to continue training at home for even greater results.


Chances are you wont find another business offering this kind of service or the proper skill sets to be successful at it. This program is unique to All Access Dogs and was developed with your dogs best interest at heart. Your dogs handler will be experienced in both grooming and dog training which are two different areas of expertise but both are very important skills to have in order to provide your dog with the best experience possible.


Program details:


-Purchase a training package of either 6, 10 or 14 sessions

-Contact a staff member to schedule your sessions. Sessions are held during our regular business hours, excluding major holidays. We recommend scheduling a session every one to two weeks for best results.

- Sessions must be scheduled no longer than 2 weeks between each other to maximize the effectiveness of this program. 

- Drop your dog off at their scheduled day and time along with their favorite toy, chew and high value treats.

- Each session will include two 30 minute 1-on-1 custom groom training sessions, constant reinforcement of good manners, socialization time if applicable, desensitization experience in and around the building, continued interaction from staff throughout the day and scheduled down time in a private safe space so your dog can learn to be calm and relaxed in an environment that otherwise may be scary or stressful to them.

- Pick up time will be no later than 4 hours after drop off.


Call, text or email for more details.

Location & Contact Details


1460 Hanging Rock Road, Boiling Springs, SC, USA

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